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PT. Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV) Apprenticeships Program

Please Attention! You are now accessing for the current job announcements and job reference materials. Please read thoroughly about the job applicant's qualifications or requirements which are requested by the company. If you feel that you are qualified, you are welcome to apply at your any desired job position. The available job fields and positions will be shown at below.

SCTV (Surya Citra Televisi) is a national private television station in Indonesia. In 2011, Indosiar and SCTV have air-step merger in which one that is moving some of the program in SCTV to Indosiar.

Company History
Starting from Jl. Darmo Permai, Surabaya, August 1990, received a limited release SCTV to the Gate Kertosusila (Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoardjo and Lamongan) which refers to the permission of the Department of Information No.. 1415/RTF/K/IX/1989 and SK No. 150/SP/DIR/TV/1990. One year later, 1991, SCTV broadcast emission extends reach Pulau Dewata, Bali and beyond.

New in 1993, armed with a SK of the Minister of Information No. 111/1992 SCTV doing a national broadcast throughout Indonesia. To anticipate the development of the television industry and also by considering Jakarta as well as economic power center, is gradually beginning in 1993 through 1998, SCTV move the base of operations for national broadcasting from Surabaya to Jakarta.

In 1999 SCTV doing a national broadcast from Jakarta. Meanwhile, anticipating the development of information technology is increasingly leading to the convergence of media SCTV develop the potential of multimedia to the launch site, Through three sites, SCTV is no longer just in contact with Indonesian society in the territory of Indonesia, but also reach worldwide. In subsequent developments, via parent company, PT. Surya Citra Media Tbk (SCM), SCTV develop their business potential to penetrate the boundaries of foreign and traditional broadcast concept to the concept of the new media industry.

Within a long journey, the various accomplishments achieved from within and abroad, among others: The Asian Television Awards (2004 for humanitarian programs Titian Kasih (Pijar), 1996 children's news program Krucil), Far Eastern Economic Review magazine (3 times in a row in a row as one of 200 leading companies in Asia Pacific), Panasonic Awards (for the news program, news reader and current affair programs viewers choice) and so on. All of that made ​​SCTV increasingly mature and mature. To that end, management deems it necessary SCTV reaffirm his identity as a family television station. So since January 2005, SCTV change the logo and slogan to be more assertive and dynamic : "Satu Untuk Semua".

Through the 47 transmission stations, SCTV capable of reaching 240 cities and reaching approximately more than 175 million potential viewers. This dynamic continues to drive SCTV to always develop the professionalism of human resources in order to always present the best possible service to viewers and business partners.

SCTV has made ​​the transition to digital production and broadcast platforms, which is part of a consistent policy to adopt technology to improve operational performance and efsiensi. In the same spirit, the policy has laid a strong emphasis on building individual competence in all aspects to sharpen their knowledge base while fostering talent, creativity and initiative. This is the key to strengthening the position of SCTV as one of the leading broadcasting stations in Indonesia.

Being a leading provider of entertainment and information for the Indonesian nation.

We strive every day to become the first choice for the nation of Indonesia in quality content providers, to entertain and report.

We'll be the first choice through the provision of compelling content, providing superior service and continuous development of our human resources. Through this achievement we will create a sustainable profitable business for our stakeholders.

Join us at SCTV for those who want to study / internship / Praktek Kerja Lapangan (PKL)

Student is willing to conduct research, find the data for study purposes (thesis, etc.). The length of time the study: one month.

  1. Research Certificate from campus
  2. Proposal for Observation shows intent, purpose & a list of questions. Proposal for Thesis (Outline Chapter 1 - 5)
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Color photographs, size 2x3 (2 sheets) & 3x4 (1 sheet)
  5. Copy of ID card

Student is a mandatory duty of the campus to follow the work practices in the company

  1. Certificate of PKL campus
  2. Proposal, containing background, aims and objectives and implementation time, and areas of interest (adjusted to the department / program of study)
  3. Curiculum Vitae
  4. Last Transcript
  5. Color photographs, size 2x3 (2 sheets) & 3x4 (1 sheet)
  6. Copy of ID card

Companies looking for Student who had graduated from college, who want to learn and gain experience in the world of work.

  1. Certificate of PKL / Internship from campus
  2. Curiculum Vitae
  3. Last Transcript
  4. Copy of diploma (if already passed)
  5. Color photographs, size 2x3 (2 sheets) & 3x4 (1 sheet)
  6. Copy of ID card
For more information, please send your request to : 

pkl.magang @
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