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PT Media Televisi Indonesia (Metro TV) Job Vacancies

Please Attention! You are now accessing for the current job announcements and job reference materials. Please read thoroughly about the job applicant's qualifications or requirements which are requested by the company. If you feel that you are qualified, you are welcome to apply at your any desired job position. The available job fields and positions will be shown at below.

Metro TV is Indonesia's first 24-hour news channel based in West Jakarta. The station was established on 25 November 2000 and now has over 53 transmission sites all over the country. It is owned by Surya Paloh who also owns the Media Indonesia daily.

It is the only TV station to offer Mandarin news and no sinetron (soap opera) programs in Indonesia, although lately the station has also begun to broadcast entertainment programs such as a talk show called "e-Lifestyle", and the satirical news and current affairs show called "Republik Mimpi" (The Dream Republic).

Metro TV also offers one of its top programs called Indonesia Now
The program, which is broadcast worldwide, primarily gives information about Indonesia to the world.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for the company in the early stages was the need to build its infrastructure, facilities and team, all within the short time scale of nine months. Though this was hard work the experience gained was invaluable in forging a solid team of experienced professionals who had already been tested under challenging conditions.

The company has ushered in a new wave of lifestyle and quality alternative entertainment programming to compliment its dominance in the news sector of the industry. It has pioneered new perspectives and unique one-of-a-kind programs while improving the way information is presented. Sophisticated and stylish productions from Metro TV have breathed new life into the industry. Even the most discerning viewers have a viewing choice second to none.

The desire to be the best drives the company's enthusiasm and its multi-dimensional approach to programming needs. Looking ahead to 2006 the vision of the company is to have by then achieved number one ranking for its news quality and delivery as well as extraordinarily high levels of loyalty from both viewers and advertisers.

The company also takes its corporate responsibility towards shareholders and employees seriously. Though consistent in driving forward to achieve a significant level of growth and profit and to leverage its assets, the welfare and quality of life of Metro TV employees remains of paramount importance.  

To become a distinct Indonesian television station by ranking number one for its news, offering quality entertainment and lifestyle programming. Providing unique advertising opportunities and achieving loyalty with its viewers and advertisers.

  1. To stimulate and promote the nation's and country's advancement towards a democratic atmosphere, in order to excel in global competition, with high appreciation of moral and ethic.
  2. To add a valuable presence to the television industry by providing a new perspective, by improving the way information is presented and by offering quality entertainment alternatives.
  3. To achieve a significant level of growth by developing and leveraging its assets, to increase the quality of life and the welfare of its employees, and to produce significant profit for its share holders.
Weekend and additional programs
  • Chat Club: a talk show programming.
  • Oasis: a society programming.
  • Expedition: a travel program.
  • Democrazy: a comedy that talks about the politician.
  • Archipelago: a documentary news program.
  • Mario Teguh Golden Ways: a Sunday motivation program.
  • Kick Andy: a talkshow about an issue that hosted by Andy F. Noya on Fridays.
  • Metro TV Infomercial: an informercial block show on weekends.
  • Metro Highlights: a critical event news.
  • Metro This Week: a news program shown on Sundays, for a week conclusion.
  • Breaking News: a news program that shown shortly after a biggest event was occur.
  • Headline News: a short news program that shows three news and starts every hour, every day.
  • Indonesia Now: a Saturday English language news program.
  • Top Nine News Weekend: a weekend version of Top Nine News, with a segment "Top of the Week" and "Top Picture of the Week".
  • Menu and Venue: a culinary program.
  • e-Lifestyle: a talkshow reviews communications. 
  • etc ..

Career Opportunities @ Metro TV
We seeking for the right person to join our team and meet the challenge. These vacancies are open for Fresh Graduates, Management trainees in several fields:

Journalist  (JDP- Journalist Development Program)
Development Program for News Reporter

Qualifications :
  • Camera Face
  • Interested in Journalistic
  • Toefl Score min. 500

Camera Person  (CamDP – Camera Person Development Program)
Development Program for News Camera Person

Qualifications :
  • Minimum Height 170 cm 
  • Toefl Score min. 450 
  • Interested in Camera and Journalistic 
  • Good eyesight/ No wearing glasses

General  (MMDP - Metro TV Management Development Program)
Development Program for Sales, Finance-Administration, etc

Qualifications :
  • Toefl Score min. 450 
  • Actively Involved in Organizational Activities 
  • Strong interest in Broadcast / Sales or Finance-Administration
General Requirements:
  •     Bachelor degree from any major with GPA min 3.00
  •     Max age 26 years old
  •     Good Team Player , Achievement Orientation
  •     Energetic and Willing to Work in Flexible Long Hours
  •     Good interpersonal and Communication Skill
  •     Willing to follow a working bound (ikatan dinas)

JAKARTA (8 – 9  November 2011) @ Grand Lobby Metro TV Kedoya, Kebon Jeruk
BANDUNG (11 – 12  November 2011) @ Papandayan Hotel, Jl. Gatot Subroto
YOGYAKARTA (11 – 12  November 2011) @ Kampus MMTC, Jl. Magelang, Yogya

How to Join ?

If you are an interested candidate, please bring along your recent CV in places such as listed above
( Note : For JDP position :  Please prepare for “On Camera Test” )

Closing Date of these vacancies : 12 November 2011

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