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PT. Interbat Pharmaceutical Industry Job Vacancies

Please Attention! You are now accessing for the current job announcements and job reference materials. Please read thoroughly about the job applicant's qualifications or requirements which are requested by the company. If you feel that you are qualified, you are welcome to apply at your any desired job position. The available job fields and positions will be shown at below.

PT. Interbat Pharmaceutical Industry Hot Product is "PAMOL" as a qualified headache medicine 
PT. Interbat Pharmaceutical Industry (Interbat) was first founded in 1948 by the late Mr. Djoko Sukamtoas the sole Indonesian distributor for European pharmaceuticals such as Crinos, Harmo Pharma and Zambon. In 1959, Interbat obtained its own production permit and has since established ourselves as an independent pharmaceutical manufacturer.

In 1971, when Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Health regulated a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard for the first time, we immediately received recognition for using manufacturing facilities that all conformed to this newly-formed standard.

On May of 1977, we moved all of our production activities to a new two-hectare factory complex in Sidoarjo, situated 15 km from Surabaya, East Java. Since then, Interbat had undergone three factory expansions and major upgrades to its manufacturing facilities, production equipments, quality control laboratories and other regulated facilities, all the while receiving 31 GMP certificates according to WHO standards.

This focus for improvement ensures that our products continue to meet strict local and international standards.
Currently, Interbat produces more than 270 different products in various dosages and forms and is regarded as one of the top pharmaceutical manufacturers in the nation. In the past decade, in fact, we have been constantly ranked within the top five Indonesian pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

With a focus on improvement being the norm in Interbat, we are positive that our future will prove to be even more astounding than our past history.

Research & Development
Our formulations are developed and regularly evaluated by Interbat's Research and Development team with the support of pharmaceutical and medical experts and advanced equipments and instrumentation. Our test machineries and instruments are also regularly qualified and calibrated as scheduled. All this is in accordance with Interbat's mission to always provide the safest, latest and the best medicines for people’s health

Production And Quality Control
Quality and safety are our top priorities in Interbat. Hence we take our production and quality control processes very seriously. Through all steps of our production process, from releasing of bulk until packaging of finished products, strict quality control procedures are put in place to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

A range of chemical and physical analyses as well as microbiological assay, pyrogen tests, and bacterial endotoxin tests act as control procedures at every level of production as is required by the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). For this purpose, a range of modern instruments are used, including high technology for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography, potentiometer, furrier transform infrared spectrophotometer, dissolution tests and oxygen determination in vials.

At the tail-end of the production process, samples are stored to monitor the stability of drugs in the market and for any possible need for future inspection. Again, this helps us ensure that all our products are at acceptable levels of quality and safety.

In addition, only the safest, state-of-the art machineries and technologies are used at Interbat. At our production facility in Sidoarjo that now expands to four-hectares, all the machineries for milling, mixing, granulation, compression, coating, filling and packaging are constantly upgraded and kept up to date. As our many factory expansions and upgrades have exemplified, Interbat is never shy to invest in its factory. This goes in hand with the late Mr. Djoko Sukamto’s principle to always put safety and quality as our utmost priorities.

At Interbat, we are all motivated by a common passion for life. As such, we are committed to providing goods and solutions that help preserve and improve our society’s quality of life. We envision a healthier—and therefore happier tomorrow.

Life is our passion; your health is our mission. We are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives by producing medicines of the highest quality to treat different kinds of diseases and to help deliver our promise of a healthier, happier tomorrow.

We believe that continuous self-improvement is the only recipe for sustained success in this industry. Therefore, we want to constantly challenge ourselves in this pursuit of improvement by committing to a strict set of corporate goals:
  1. We want to become a leader in the pharmaceutical industry known for providing society with superior products and unprecedented customer service.
  2. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction and industry-leading performance.
  3. We want to offer society significant added values by making strategic alliances that presents mutual synergies to ultimately provide consumers with breakthrough medicines and treatments.
  4. We believe that maintaining a competitive and motivated workforce is vital for the company’s success. Henceforth, we aim to both retain and develop high performers within our company by pledging to fully reward and value employees who demonstrate exemplary skills in their lines of work.
Currently we opening position for candidates which will be positioned as following descriptions below

Medical Representative
Information :
  • Ethical marketing the product in hospitals and pharmacies as well as educating medical personnel
  • Employment Status: Permanent Position
  • Salary offered: 2500000
Requirements :
  • SMU/SMEA/STM - Entry Level (0-2 years)
  • Will be Located: Central Java / Indonesia

If you are an interested candidate and meet all of the requiments or agree with the information detailed above, please submit your recent resume to

Alamat: Jl. Pamularsih Raya 106A, 
Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50148  Indonesia

or apply online


(Note : this vacancies offered will be closed on 7 November 2011)
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