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PT. Total Bangun Persada Tbk Job Vacancies

Please Attention! You are now accessing for the current job announcements and job reference materials. Please read thoroughly about the job applicant's qualifications or requirements which are requested by the company. If you feel that you are qualified, you are welcome to apply at your any desired job position. The available job fields and positions will be shown at below.

PT. Total Bangun Persada Tbk is a public company engaged in the construction sector based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company was founded in 1987.

Our roots in Indonesian building and construction stretches back a quarter century to 1970 when we were first founded as PT Tjahja Rimba Kentjana. In our early years as a contractor and developer, we benefited from the exposure to a wide range of building projects that included both residential housing as well as commercial complexes. In the early 1980s we undertook a major restructuring that saw the creation of Total Bangun Persada, a company with a substantially strengthened capital base and a revitalised management team. 

Out of this was born a vision: to become a leading Indonesian building contractor through pride and excellence in construction. This vision has become a reality. 

Today, PT. Total Bangun Persada is Indonesia’s premier building contractor. The realisation of this vision has been made possible through two major initiatives. The first of these is a clear focus only on building construction, with a sole emphasis on high rise projects such as office and commercial buildings, or developments like industrial projects and resorts.

Succeeding Through Differentiation
Specialisation alone, however, is not enough to sustain our success. It has to be enhanced by differentiation.
We seek differentiation in two key areas - quality and innovation. 
At Total Bangun Persada, we practice quality in all its different forms at every stage of all our projects.

From using the best selection of building materials specified, to the best building methods and processes and to employing the best talent in the construction industry, we make quality a cornerstone of the way we work.

The turnkey approach we undertake is supported by a full range of services that cover project advisory and feasibility studies on investment returns, all aspects of design including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, construction and project finance.

What We Do ?
We have built projects ranging from small factories to high rise building and mega projects all over Indonesia since 1969.

We have been working as a Main Contractor or as part of Joint Operation with international construction companies like Bouyges, Sembawang, Interbeton, Gammon, Shimizu, Obayashi etc.

Design and Build
We have been working with our clients in designing and building projects, each with unique and specific requests. Along with our experienced in-house design team, we have designed and built shopping malls and high rise offices.

Turn Key
With our strong financial support, we have been helping our clients in securing financial sources for several projects such as Pasar Raya and Mega Plaza. 

Total Bangun Persada is one of the largest building construction organization in Indonesia specializing in Commercial, High Rise Building and Industrial Construction.

Total Bangun Persada Commercial and High Rise Building Construction include :
- Offices
- Banks
- Retail spaces, Markets
- Hotels, Motels
- Apartments, Condominiums
- Club Houses, Golf Courses
- Hospitals, Medical Centers, Laboratories
- Schools, Universities, Training Centers, Libraries
- Television Broadcasting Centers
- Religious Buildings
- Embassy Buildings
- Etc

Bringing International Standards
At Total Bangun Persada, we are proud of the international standards we bring to Indonesia’s construction industry and our ability to compete with international contractors in the Indonesian marketplace. In fact, we are one of only a handful of Indonesian building contractors able to do so.

We have an established track record for a high level of service commitment to our customers - before, during and after the completion of the project.

quality is delivered through formalised systems such as the ISO 9001 for which we receive certification in April 1997 and this was further enhanced by our ISO 9001:2000 accreditation in June 2002.

Our international standards has been recognized in 2003 by Superbrands, a London-based independent arbiter of branding. Our entry into this elite membership aligns our standards with more than 800 world's leading brands such as Audi, Cathay Pasific, FedEx, Intel, Jaguar, Sony and Unilever. Our recognition as a Superbrand underscores the attributes of the Total Bangun Persada brand in terms of market dominance, longevity, goodwill, customer loyalty and market acceptance.

This has made us the partner of choice for many of Indonesia's most prestigious building projects and has earned us an enviable list of repeat customers.
We believe it is no longer enough just to know how to do a job; even more important is wanting to do it to the best of our ability and the desire to continually improve upon it. By continuing to do this, and by making this a core feature of our culture, we create an enduring industry leadership that will withstand the test of time.

Growing Our Business, Growing Our People
At Total Bangun Persada, we subscribe to the principle that having the right blend of human resources is essential for maintaining our leadership position.

Today, we have a total workforce of over 1,100 including a pool of some 200 professionals. 

Each individual member of our workforce also shares the company’s pursuit of excellence and takes great pride in establishing Total Bangun Persada as Indonesia’s premier building constructor, and in the role they play to upgrade Indonesia’s construction industry.

PT. Total Bangun Persada Tbk is opening vacancies for the positions listed below

- Education STM/D3/S1 Civil Engineering / Architecture / Engineering / Electrical Power Lines / Electronics
- Experience min. 2 years in building construction projects as the executor of the field
- Willing to be placed on projects throughout Indonesia

- Education STM / D3 / S1 Geodesy
- Experience min. 2 years as a surveyor, responsible for carrying out measurements in the building construction project
- Willing to be placed on projects throughout Indonesia

- Education D3/S1 Civil Engineering / Architect / Engineering / Electrical Power Lines / Electronics
- Experience min. 2 years and hospitalization in calculating the volume of building construction projects
- Willing to be placed on projects throughout Indonesia

- Education STM/D3/S1 Civil Engineering / Architecture / Engineering / Electrical Power Lines / Electronics
- Experience min. 2 years in the field of manufacture of building construction projects shopdrawing
- Willing to be placed on projects throughout Indonesia

- Male
- Education SMA-D3
- Experience as an administrative min.1 th
- Active correspondence with the English language
- Willing to be placed on projects throughout Indonesia

How to Apply ?

If you are an interested candidate who meet the requirements as it listed above, please follow the link below for online recruitment

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